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CD Record Review

Posted on June 8, 2008

The Golden Era of Rock ‘n’ Roll: 1954-1963


5 stars

This is one of the best self-contained collections of music from the early years of Rock ‘n’ Roll. The set includes 62 songs (all original versions), digitally remastered, and chronologically arranged on three CDs. Out of those 62 songs, 35 went #1 on the pop or R-B charts (and nine of those were #1 on BOTH the pop AND the R-B charts), 10 made it to #2 and six topped out at #3. Groups and artists featured in this collection include “Bill Haley – His Comets”, Buddy Holly, Dion, “The Angels”, Brenda Lee and “The Beach Boys”. And no less than 33 of the acts on “The Golden Era” are members of the “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame”. Just a few of the songs on this collection include the first #1 Rock ‘n’ Roll song of all time “Rock Around the Clock”, the “Marcels” version of “Blue Moon”, and Jerry Lee Lewis’ “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On”. One track to take note of is the Cadets “Stranded In The Jungle”. The version included on “The Golden Era” features “jungle noises” I’ve never heard on any other version. This is the perfect compilation for someone just starting off his or her Rock ‘n’ Roll collection. And for the collector who has all of these already, now they’re all in one collection.

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